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How to remove Shortcut Virus from your Pendrive or Memorycards?

Hello friends! Do you ever suffering from shortcut problem..??

Pendrives or Memory Cards are the best tool to carry any data from computer to other computer. Sometime our files and folder in pendrive & MemoryCards are shown as shortcut.

This is very common problem not happen only in your pendrive or memory card also hard disk.

When you open your Pendrive or MemoryCard in PC the window will show “shortcut missing” and in fear we loose our all data and format the PD or MCs.

Now no need to format your Pen-drive/Memory Card because your original files or folder are hidden and you can see only the shortcut files or folders.

This is a type of virus. 

So, there are some simple steps to delete these shortcuts and recover your data. 

No need to install any antivirus because we don’t need for this type of virus.

Here we will use command prompt to remove the shortcut virus from pen drive.

Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus are: -

1) First of all go to RUN. You can use shortcut key press Window key + R. 

2) Type CMD in RUN box. To open command prompt. 

3) Now, Command prompt will be open and you have to enter this code here: – ‘attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*’

 like that : 
" C:\Users\YourName>attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* "

 if your pen drive is G then use this code otherwise replay “g” from this code with your pen drive name. Shorcut virus remove Make sure to use space between this code likes above.
4) After typing the above code in your command prompt press “Enter” key and wait at least 1 minute. It will finish in just few second but may take more time to recover more data. 
5) When it will finish open your pen drive now, you can access your pen drive data.

 Alternative solution to remove this virus:

 If your Drive or USB Pen drive affected again and again then use any Antivirus and do "Boot Time Scan” to remove this virus completely from your drive.

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