6 Things Must Have To Be A Pro Blogger

Hello friends, After reading or gain some knowledge about SEO; today i am come-out with a new post  on the topic "Blogging & SEO". This is one of the Most Important post in our article. This is not only help you to going a long path from Newbie to Professional Blogger but also keep a Strong place in Professional Blogger List. This things are "Must have" if you want to be a Professional blogger. This also helps you in Approval of Google Adsence & Other Advertise Network. Now let's Start:

1. Good Look of Your Website:
You know that a Good design in this platform plays an important role. A good design Theme/Template(in blogger) can create a separate place for you in the mind of visitors and they want to visit your blog daily. A SEO optimized but Bad colored design or bad Look template can reduce the Search Bot crawl activity, so that you can't gain Visitors/ Traffic. So Choose a Good Look template which is suitable for your Niche(Subject) with Responsive design, SEO Optimized and More.. READ HERE

2. All The Necessary Pages:
You visits so many pages or You may visit minimum two or three blog in a day; Do you notice there is Some pages in Header part or Footer part of the blog like Sitemap, Privacy Policy, About me etc.? Yes, all the Pro bloggers create this pages for better perform of blog.
These pages are necessary to give a perfect shape about your blog to the readers, Search engines and also helps to increase the Google Page rank. Here is the Pages you must have:
Must Have:
>About us : To show/inform the visitors about your blog and Its Author.
>Privacy Policy : Its used to show what your blog Privacy towards the visitors. Its mainly used to get Adsense approval. Its the "Must Have" page if you want to necessary to get Adsense approval.
>Contact us : It is mostly used to get customer support or notify about something in Privately.
>Sitemap : It is one of the most important page; it plays a important role in SEO,Mostly used to show the visitors about your all Posts, show all post to the Search Engine Bots, also helps to increase the Blog’s Rank.
Not Too Necessary:
>Write For Us/Submit Guest Posts : To attract guest poster to your blog to submit their posts. Its help to increase the Back links and increase Google rank.
>Sponsored By/Powered By : To show whom You/They are powered or sponsored By.You can put their any name who you want to be.
NOTE: Never ignore the “Must Have” pages its help you in so many ways.

3. Responsive Look & SEO Optimised:
All a blogger start to blog, first aim is to be Top of the Search engines so that blog can acquires lots of traffic . If you want this happen then SEO is Must for You. A Good SEO makes your posts appear at the top of the search engines and this will divert a lot of traffic to your blog, for this you have to optimised you blog SEO friendly. So, You can cheak all our SEO Posts HERE.

4. Social Networking:
All  blogger have must this. Having social pages in Social Network not making you blog popular but also drive a lots of traffic to your blog and Helps to increase you Alexa rank and Google Page rank. But you have to share your all post in regular basis, so that visitors can easily follow your blog on social accounts.

5. Unique Content:
This is the Most Imp. factor of this Post.  If you have copy content form other blog and published in your blog it not only Create a bad impression in the Mind of Visitors but also Decrease in traffic because Search Engine Bots dont like Copied Contents.

6. Use of Multimedia:
When you write any post to be published, not only you have to write unique contant but also you have to put some Good Image there or Video if need. By the use of Multimedia you posts looks Great and help to attract the Visitors. But beawere of copywrite images; dont use any copywrite images in you blog, this can be decrease you SEO.

Now its time to use this tips to increase the Traffic towords your blog. Keep optimisation your blog and engage yourself with this work. After just wait and saw the Results.

Hope this Article helped you on the "Must Have" things for your Blog. Fell free to Share, Comment and SUBSCRIBE for more.


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