All About 404 Error Pages (Tips For SEO And Make Money)

Hello friends, Today when i just visit Google Webmaster Tools i just saw that there is a 404 Error in my Blog. So, today subject/Article based on 404 Error Pages.

What is  404 Error Pages?
404 Error is a error shown in the web server when something ie. image,video or page is missing or does exist or removed by the user what ever you say.

Causes Of Showing 404 Error Page?
We know that Each resource on your website (ie. image,video and posts) have unique URL. The address of the URL should be correct otherwise 404 error will be shown. There are so many causes but main are:
1. Visitor typing wrong URL.
2. You have moved your resource to new location.
3. Broken links on your website.
4. You might have linked to a page  which was moved to different location.

How to find 404 Errors on your Blog?
There are many ways to find 404 Error pages on your blog. All 404 Error pages information are present Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools. Both tools list all of your 404 Error pages they found while crawling and indexing your blog.

How To Find 404 Error Pages Using Google Webmaster Tools:
1. Login to your Google webmaster account.
2. Go to Health > Crawl Errors options.
3. You can see all 404 error page URL listed under Not Found.
4. Now correct the issue as soon as possible.

How To Find 404 Error Pages Using Bing webmasters:
1. Log into your Bing webmaster account.
2. Go to Reports and Data > Crawl Information.
3. You can see all 404 error page URL listed under Not Found.
4. Now correct the issue as soon as possible.

Why 404 Error Pages Not Good For Your Blog?
1. First of all 404 pages is broken links so Broken links on your blog decrease crawl-ability.
Note: Decrease crawl-ability means low number of pages on search engine which in turn decreases traffic.
2. Search Engine Bots like (Google Bots, Bing Bots) don't like broken links.
3. From SEO point of view broken links are very bad for your Blog.
4. Left a bad Impression of your blog. Like someone clicks a link on your site and it's landed on 404 error page then a negative impression is created by the visitors.

How To Fix 404 Error Pages?
1. After cheacking by Google and Bing Webmaster Tools you should remove all the broken links on your blog.
2. If you have moved your page from one location to different location then use  redirect from old page to new page.
3. Remove reference to pages not present on your site from sitemaps and other places on your website.

What Google and Bing Guidelines for 404 Error Pages: 
Google & Bing both have come up with 404 page guidelines. Like
1. Keep the page lightweight.
2. Do not use too advertising on pages.

What should be added on 404 error page?
First you can not avoid 404 pages. So you need to create 404 pages like:
1. Regain your visitors.
2. The page should be light for Load fast.
3. Give visitors some information to keep them interested like Links(URL).

Customizing your 404 page:
If Visitors hitting 404 Error pages they should be retained.So you provide them content similar to what they were looking for and arrived on your blog. By Presenting similar content and matching URL to URL they entered and arrived on your blog and its help you to gain some Traffic. There is a Article about this in Google, Find HERE.

So you should cheack the Webmaster Tools for Error Pages and correct the issue as soon as possible. Its help you to gain some traffic, and Name of your blog also.

Hope this Article helped you on how to transform to Newbie to Pro blogger. Fell free to Share, Comment and SUBSCRIBE for more.


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