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All About SEO (Basic Tips For Traffic and Make Money)

Hello friends, After know about 404 Error Pages now its time to know about SEO. Yes, SEO! Now in fother i m just telling you the Basic about SEO. How you utilize for Traffic, Earn money and not only increasing your Alexa Rank but also Google Rank.

->What Is SEO ? 
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization means how you are going to optimize your website in favor of search engines. Now a days everyone starts blogging and everyone wants to get its blog in the Top. So, In order to Get your Blog in the Top of the Search Engines and get more Traffic, you have to LEARN something & the SOMETHING known as Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

->What Is SEO For Blogger ?
Blogger SEO means the way How you tell the World about you Blog/Site. Its the way to extend your blog to World Wide Web i.e The Search Engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Baidu etc. Its a simple method to get a huge Traffic towards your Blog. Submitting your Sitemap to Webmaster Tools, Onpage SEO, Offpage SEo just a part of Blooger SEO. In simple word You can't Blog without doing SEO in Blogger.

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->Why SEO is Important ?
SEO helps Search Engines to Index your blog which is contents blog Sitemap, posts, also images. Due to this your blog’s visibility increases and your blog appears in Search Engine Results. If you want to Top of the all Search Engines then you have to Score high in Search Results which is occurs by the help of SEO. You also get Huge Traffic which means More Visitos>More Pageview>More Comments>Moe Money.

->How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly ?
Its Pretty simple to make your blog SEO friendly. Just Cheack out. Did your Blog responsive, Responsive means it cant look awesome in anything (like PC, Tablet,Mobiles)? More responsive means more SEO friendly> more search results and more visitors then More Money. Now a days You can find moe Responsive Templares for Blogger. After this You have to give More & Moe Importance to the OnpageSEO & Offpage SEO.

->What Is OnPage SEO ?
OnPage SEO means to Customizing & Optimizing your blog for  SEO. Its considered as adding codes (like Meta Tags, Scripts) to your Blogger Template & Removing the Useless codes from your blog(Blogger Template) to make you Blog SEO friendly. Cheack all the SEO tips in Our Sitemap.

->What is OffPage SEO ?
OffPage SEO means doing Blogger SEO without Edit in Template or  HTML coads. In simple words OffPage SEO means building your blog backlinks, Increasing the sharing on Social Network sites (like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, Stumnble Upon etc.) , Indexing your Blog or Submit your Sitemap on Google, Ask, Bing other search engines.

Its very Important to Do SEO. Without SEO means A Men with No EYES. Yes! Work for Inceasing SEO means Moe Traffic, More Visitors, More Page View, More Comments, Increase in Page Rank Then finally A huge Money.

Hope this Article helped you on how to transform to Newbie to Pro blogger. Fell free to Share, Comment and SUBSCRIBE for more.
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